First Taste of Nukid Coffee & Bake Shop

A fun new Korean donut and treats shop opened recently on Robson in the Westend and they are offering a wide assortment of savoury and sweet Korean twisted donuts aka Kkwabaegi along with other tasty treats.

The interior décor is bright and colourful and has fun branding with retro looking characters. They feature limited seating on the upper floor as well as on the main floor near the entrance.

The Korean cafe serves unique donuts, cakes, coffee, and Korean style drinks. Nukid’s beverage menu includes espresso-based drinks; non-coffee drinks (like Jollypong Latte and Dirty Choco Latte); teas; protein smoothies and more.

I loved the ChocoCrunch twisted donut with its hidden center filling, also loved the Stuffed milk donut!

Nukid is located at 1660 Robson St, in Vancouver, you can follow them on Instagram @nukidcafe

By: Richard Wolak

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