New Lunch Menu at Fiorino, Italian Street Food

It’s all about SCHIACCIATA for lunch with a special type of bread that originates in Florence, Italy where one of the owners Giovane grew up. The bread is baked for these types of sandwiches, which looks like a crispier version of focaccia and it’s then filled with meats, vegetables and/or cheeses and spreads.

I tasted through much of this new lunch menu.

1st item:

Diavola Schiacciata

‘nduja, soppressata, red pepper tapenade, peperoncino sauce, scamorza cheese, arugula; this was one of my favourites and it had some heat. This one had a side of their Panzanella salad.

2nd item:

Vegana Schiacciata

roasted zucchini, frisée, tomato, onion, artichoke crema, pea shoots, balsamic; another favourite and this one is vegan. This one had a side of the Pappa al pomodoro.

3rd item:

Blu Schiacciata

speck, gorgonzola, cherry tomato, lettuce, fig jam; surprisingly this one was very tasty, with a side of their Patate arrosto.

4th item:

Preferita Schiacciata

18 month prosciutto di Parma, porcini crema, arugula, fontina cheese

5th item:

Caprese Schiacciata

mozzarella fiordilatte, tomato, lettuce, basil, balsamic

6th item:

Pappa al pomodoro — a tomato based soup with bread almost crouton like chunks, is delicious.

7th item:

Panzanella salad

8th item:

Patate arrosto

9th item:

Tiramisù – rich and delicious topped with an amarena cherry.

Fiorino, Italian Street Food is located at 212 E Georgia Street in Vancouver; you can follow them on Instagram @fiorino_isf

By: Richard Wolak

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