The Art of Bake Nouveau Cookbook

Chef Giuseppe Cortinovis is one of the top pizza chefs in Canada who has been working within the industry ever since moving to Canada from his home country, Italy.

Back home he had worked at a variety of restaurants as a Pizza Chef in Italy through to 2011. At the same time from 2002 -2010 he was a baker in his own business at “Sapore di pane” srl –  S. Pellegrino T.(Bg) Italy, In 2011 while on a working holiday in Australia, he worked for a few different restaurants making pizzas. He has also worked in London, Australia and consults with pizzerias world-wide.

An opportunity came up and he came to Vancouver on a working holiday in 2014 and worked as the Pizza Maestro at Bella Gelateria Pizzeria, after a few months he then joined the Glowbal Group working as the Pizza Master. In 2016 he joined Nightingale Restaurant as their Pizza Chef where he is today.

The Art of Bake Nouveau cookbook is a followup to a previous book that was written in Italian. In his book he covers various topics and chapters which include the Master the Art of Baking starting from the basics to Techniques and professional tips. Understand how to use and select the small appliance and kitchen tools, plus the book features over 10 recipes from Traditional pizza, Teglia romana,Detroit..and Focacccia genovese. The book also features a wide range of baking styles, from classic Italian to American using a Conventional oven or BBQ, learn the best way to make your “baking show.” Lastly, you can follow the QR codes to see photos and videos.

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By: Richard Wolak

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