Takeout at Cold Tea Restaurant

Most restaurants have always offered takeout, as the industry was forced to change due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dining in became dining out. When restaurants were forced to close their dining rooms they had to get creative. Some have created special meal kits others have created take condensed take-out menus and others have offered their regular menu with discounts for pick up and such.

I had to switch my almost nightly eating out in restaurants to eating takeout at home. One way of keeping your favourite restaurants in business is to purchase takeout meals now. Whether you had been dining out nightly or once a week, you can do the same from home. This is one of the ways to keep the restaurants, cafes and bakeries and such going along with their suppliers and their staff.

Here is one of the restaurants takeout offerings that I have experienced recently.

Takeout at Cold Tea Restaurant

Enjoyed a delicious Chinese and Vietnamese dinner to share at home the other night.

Spicy Chicken XO Wontons Chicken wonton, spicy XO sauce, chili oil, scallion, chili threads

Pot Stickers – Vegan potstickers, kobacha squash, coconut cream, lemongrass

Big Bird: Fried chicken thighs, marinated cucumbers, pickled onion, sriracha mayo, cilantro.

Coconut Noodles with tofu, Rice noodles, coconut milk, fresh herbs, cucumber

The Spliff Cucumber, jicama, mango, green apple, sweet peppers, mint, cilantro, chives, lettuce, tamarind dipping sauce –

Vegetarian Spring Rolls Taro, carrot, onion, mung beans, tofu, cilantro, bean thread, sweet and sour soy dip

Chicken Skewers Lemongrass chicken –

Grilled Veg Okra, bell peppers, mushrooms, red onion

Green Papaya Salad – Beef jerky, green papaya, cucumber, red bell peppers, cilantro, mint, Thai basil, sweet and sour fish sauce

Bbq Duck On Rice Bbq duck, rice, bok choy

Spicy Green beans, spicy Szechuan sauce, toasted sesame

They are offering their regular menu for ordering Tuesday – Sunday 12pm – 9pm via @tockhq or you can order delivery through Doordash and Uber Eats.

Cold Tea Restaurant

1193 Granville Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-423-2653

Web: https://www.exploretock.com/coldtearestaurant/

Instagram @coldtearestaurant

Stay tuned for the next feature in my Takeout series.

By: Richard Wolak

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