Cooking Restaurant Dishes at Home

Richard Wolak aka @Vanfoodster

Going back in time to a few months ago when I was participating in a variety of cooking classes, from Thai at BCD Academy and Catering to Italian at the Italian Cultural Centre with plans at the time to participate in many more. Then #covid_19 was upon us and the global food scene changed overnight; and gone were the group cooking classes; and eating together side by side at the communal table. As the new normal is settling in, everything in the food world is changing. I’m now doing some cooking at home partnering with restaurants and featuring their meal kits; recipes and such on my Instagram stories @vanfoodster and Vancouver Foodster. Follow along if you like, it’s French cooking tonight as we will be making Duck Confit by Provence Marinaside, and more cooking adventures to follow.

By: Richard Wolak

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