Cooking with the Provence Restaurant Duck Confit Meal Kit

For over the past month we have been mostly enjoying takeout from various restaurants around the city promoting their takeout offerings. Last night we mixed that up and did an easy cooking adventure at home making Duck Confit with a Coco Bean and Mushroom Ragout. Provence Marinaside in Yaletown now offers a selection of different meal kits to takeout and cook at home.

Each Meal Kit comes with all of the pre-portioned ingredients, recipe, a tutorial video, along with a half baguette, for a delicious Dinner for Two!

With each of the kits you get a link to a video where Chef Alessandra Quaglia demonstrates how easy it is to reproduce this dish at home in your own kitchen. This is helpful as this give you an idea how you can make the dish at home.

I picked up the kit from their Yaletown restaurant and you could pick it up as well. If you live in the downtown Vancouver area they are also offering a delivery service so that you don’t need to leave home.

For the dish we were making it was actually two recipes in one. We started off the cooking of the duck which was quite a simple process.

Richard Wolak aka @vanfoodster

The second recipe was to make the Coco Bean and Mushroom Ragout, we each chopped some of the vegetables then Lawrence cooked the vegetables in the pan, it was finished in minutes.

We plated up the dishes remembering how Chef Alessandra had done it in her video; and then it was time to enjoy the meal. Our French dinner for two was easy to make and delicious.

There are now a total of five French Food Made Easy kits that the chefs at Provence have created. All are available through Provence Marinaside’s website along with Provence’s Takeout Menu of prepared dishes and Chef Sheldon’s Online Grocery Store for individual ingredient items such as meats, dairy, baking supplies and other miscellaneous items.

Kit orders must be placed at least two hours prior to pick up or delivery by calling the restaurant at 604-681-4144 or ordering online. As with Takeout Menu items; French Cooking Made Easy Kits are available between 11:30 a.m. and 8 p.m. 

By: Richard Wolak

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