Curry Fest Vancouver

We held our first Curry Fest around downtown Vancouver on November 13th, the evening tasting tour provided guests a chance to try many different types of curries from a select number of different cultures including Indian, Thai, Vietnamese and South Indian. We kicked off the event at Davie Dosa Company where everyone registered before heading off on their self-guided tasting adventure.

At Davie Dosa Company in the Westend they featured their South Indian style Slow cooked lamb with Rich Traditional Indian spices and herbs curry, finished with virgin coconut meat, ”Papaver Bracteamtum” silky paste. Served with Vegetable Pilaf cooked in coconut stock and spices.


At House Special in Yaletown it was about Vietnamese where they served their Monk’s Kabocha Curry, roasted seasonal veg, chili oil, Vietnamese herb puree with torn bread and Curry mushroom fried rice Arancini.

At Indian Delicacy in Coal Harbour they served traditional Indian curries featuring their Methi Chicken cooked with garlic & dry fenugreek leaves, and Chana Masala Garbanzo (chick peas) beans cooked with fresh onions, ginger and spices, both served with rice and garlic naan.

At Bob Pochana in the Westend it was all about Thai where they served their Green Curry Chicken coconut milk based green curry with chicken, basil, eggplant and bamboo shoots and their Panang Beef coconut milk based panang curry with beef, basil and bell peppers top with Kafir lime leaf, both served with jasmin rice.

It was fun night for everyone to visit the participating restaurants and eat some unique and tasty curries.

By: Richard Wolak

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