Vancouver Foodster 6th Annual Burger Challenge

Welcome to the 6th Annual Vancouver Foodster Best Burger Challenge. Restaurants from all over the city were invited to enter their burger creations into this challenge. Each restaurant will be featuring their Burger creations on their menu from November 7-30, 2019.

How Does this all Work? For the public challenge, you are invited to go out and order any or all of the burger creations in this challenge, then you decide who you think has the best burger creation for the People’s Choice award winners. 

Share your experiences: Tweet (and don’t forget to tweet or instagram your photos) throughout the challenge, our twitter and instagram address is @vanfoodster and the hashtag is #BurgerChallengeYVR please include this hashtag in all your tweets during the challenge.

Voting criteria –  some things to help you judge your favourite burger creations – keep these things in mind: originality, creativity, uniqueness, traditional, non-traditional, price, value and most importantly taste.

Get some friends together and make a day or night of it, visit 2 places or more to share and taste the different burger creations or go solo or with a friend– just remember to VOTE for your favourites.

Here are the Burger creations in this challenge, listed in no particular order other than when they were received by us.

Hopcott Meats

Good Morning Burger

Good Morning Burger

Created by: Chef Jesse Ho

Price: $13.50

Description: Prime Rib Patty made with freshly coarse ground chuck beef, Hopcott double-smoked bacon, Fried Egg, Aged cheddar, Lettuce, Tomato, Secret House Sauced and red relish, Black and White Sesame Bun

Main Protein Ingredient: Beef

Offered: Offered for lunch.  Available 10:30am to 4pm, 7 days a week.

Hopcott Meats

18385 Old Dewdney Trunk Road, Pitt Meadows

Tel: 604.465.7799


Twitter @HopcottFarms

Instagram @hopcottfarms


Douce Diner

Douce Burger

Douce Burger

Price: $15.75

Created by: Chef Dawn Doucette

Description: Douce Burger is a double RWA. Beretta beef patties, vintage cheddar, house zucchini & red onion pickles, shredded iceberg, special sauce, toasted bad dog brioche bun

Main Protein Ingredient: Beef

Offered: 8am – 3pm daily

Douce Diner

1490 Pemberton Ave, North Vancouver

Tel: (604) 980-2510


Instagram @doucediner


The Red Accordion

T.R.A. Burger

T.R.A. Burger

Price: $22

Created by: Chef Mandy Finley-Chiarenza

Description: 7.5 oz of house-ground Brantlake Farms Wagyu beef is not your typical burger. The Burger is seared and cooked to desired doneness in a pan, rather than on the grill to ensure optimal flavor! Our house-made brioche burger bun is handmade and baked fresh daily for optimal quality and freshness. Instead of your standard condiments such as ketchup, mustard, and pickle, sundried tomato, and roasted garlic aioli take their places, along with pickled red onions, wild arugula, house-made pancetta and thick-cut tomato. Because of the way we handle our Wagyu Beef, you can get this burger to the doneness of your liking as well as request a sunny-side farm egg which tends to be popular…and messy.

Main Protein Ingredient: Beef

Offered: all the time

The Red Accordion

1616 Alberni Street, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 428-6464


Instagram @theredaccordion


Our Media judges for this challenge are:


Tara Lee

Writer for Inside Vancouver and other publications.

Twitter: @VanGlutton

Instagram: @VanGlutton


Sherman Chan

Food Blogger for his own

Twitter: @ShermansFoodAdv

Instagram @shermansfoodadventures


Hanson Do

Blogger for his own Nosh and Nibble blog

Twitter: @hansondee

Instagram @noshandnibble


Make sure you pick up one of the Burger Challenge postcards available at each of the participating restaurants. Remember to Vote for your favourites daily, all the voting details are at

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