First Taste of Buttermere Patisserie Cafe

Pastry Chef/Owner – Jamie Tung

After almost 3 years producing cakes and other desserts out of a nearby commissary, owner Jamie Tung opened up her retail café in late July.

The retail storefront features their signature Buttermere Patisserie creations such as the Pillow Cakes, Cake Rolls and Signature Lava Cakes along with locally roasted coffees. They are also featuring their exclusive hot chocolate ‘Ruby is the New Black’, created from Ruby Cocoa Black’.

The brand’s combination of Parisian pastry techniques with Asian flavours produce desserts, cakes and delicacies that will catch your eye at first sight and fancy your palate at first bite.

Hojicha Roll

Thai Empire Roll

I tried a selection of desserts and drinks, my favourite of everything I had was the Hojicha Roll and the Thai Empire Roll. 

Rainbow pillow set

Ferrero Tube

Dairy Cow Roll

Buttermere Choco

I also tried the Rainbow pillow set of mini cakes, the Ferrero Tube, Dairy Cow Roll and the Buttermere Choco, Ruby Chocolate and Caramel Apple Soda

Buttermere Patisserie Café is located at 636 Main Street in Chinatown and is open Wednesday – Monday. You can follow them on Instagram @butter.mere

By: Richard Wolak

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