Tasting Plates East Vancouver Vegetarian

On Wednesday June 26, we presented our second Vegetarian tour, this time in East Vancouver with a selection of eateries. Started off the evening with delicious curry and tea at Chance Café after everyone registered.

Chance Café

Tofu coconut Thai curry on jasmine rice (red)
Tofu coconut Thai curry on jasmine rice (green)
Sweet Jasmine Tea

·         Tofu coconut Thai curry on jasmine rice

·         Jasmine sweet tea

Do Chay

Potsicker, Dumplings and Monson Roll

·         Handmade XO Potstickers – Spicy mushroom XO filling in a homemade potsticker, sweet soya drizzle, fried garlic

·         Glass Dumplings – Banana leaf wrapped tapioca dumplings filled with jicama and mung bean served with our homemade ish sauce

·         Monsoon Roll – Mixed root and tofu slaw, Vietnamese herbs, and traditional greens wrapped in a rice wrapper and served with our pineapple chili sauce


·         Ague tofu on salsa verde mini rice bowl

·         Plantain tostada

·         Vegan churros & chocolate

·         Passionfruit mojito

Ignite Pizzeria

·         Crispy Kale

·         Fungi Supreme (mozzarella, cardoncelli mushrooms, ricotta, aged parmesan)

The restaurants and cafes featured unique and tasty dishes to our guests to eat and drink throughout the event.

By: Richard Wolak

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