This Year at the Richmond Night Market

On Friday night in late May, I visited this market again, it was time for my annual visit to see and try what’s new at this popular night market.

Clam Ramen

My 1st stop was to Benkei Ramen to see Chefs Kaori and Taka Omi where I enjoyed a delicious bowl of their Clam Ramen. This was a very busy spot with ramen fans lined-up waiting patiently for piping hot bowls of ramen.

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Original Pork Belly with bbq sauce

My 2nd stop was to The Phamily Table to see Chefs Brandon, Sam, and Jeong taste their Original Pork Belly with bbq sauce with pickles and panko. Loved seeing their Apple Wood Smoke effects, they also offer a spicy and sweet & sour variety.

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Seafood Poutine

Fried Pork Poutine

My 3rd stop was to The Okonomi Bites, specializing in Japanese-style poutine, here we tried the amazing Seafood Poutine which had a seafood pancake, cheese curds, gravy and fries; also tried their Fried Pork Poutine.

You can follow them on Instagram @okonomibites

Mango Sunrise and Flirtini

My 4th stop was to Sencha Tea Lounge to see Peter and his team creating colourful and show stopping virgin cocktails. We tried the Mango Sunrise and Flirtini, both refreshing and a good break from all the fried food of the night.

You can follow them on Instagram @senchatealounge

Sweet and Salty Wings and Sweet and Spicy Drumsticks.

My 5th stop was to The Chicken Shop to see Chef Bayan Ghadrshenas who was serving up delicious seasoned fried chicken; here we tried the delicious Sweet and Salty Wings and Sweet and Spicy Drumsticks.

You can follow them on Instagram @thechickenshop

The Tayaki

My 6th and last stop was to The Tayaki for some dessert, these fish shaped pastries were made in front of us and they come with several filling options. Here I had one Tayaki filled with kitkat, vanilla ice cream, topped with pocky.

Listen to my CKNW Best and the Foodiest feature for more about the above vendors.

Gimics: I suggest avoiding the Seafood Festival court at this years festival, it is a costly gimic, you are best to use your money and buy a dish or two at several of the food court vendors which will provide you with a far better experience.

Tip: You need good walking shoes, wear dark clothes (if you wear white any food that lands on you will show), and take a long a sweater or light jacket.

Tip: Since it’s always crowded and there are line-ups almost everywhere, throw out the notion of eating savouries then dessert and mix it up.

Tip: Don’t drive to this market, take Canada Line like we did, it’s quick and so easy.

Tip: There is a long line-up to get in and it moves quite fast.

Tip: It is cash only for entrance as well as at most of the vendors.

Cost: $4.25 per person to enter or $25 for a 6 visit Zoom Pass; a zoom pass is also transferable between family and friends.

Hours: 7pm – 12am Friday and Saturday; 7pm – 11pm Sunday

Open: Weekends at night only thru the summer until October

Location: 8351 River Road, Richmond and here is a map on how to find it.

This is the largest night market in North America, they say there are 500 International food items so have fun tasting as many as you can. You can find the market on instagram @richmondnightmarket

By: Richard Wolak

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