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A few months ago after hearing about some new Meal Kit services, I decided to spend some time at home cooking and using a few different meal services. Fresh Prep is a local company that has been around for a couple of years, they have created a selection of their own recipes to make it easy for home cooks to make the dishes in approx. 30 mins.

The idea for most of the meal kit services is that they shop, chop, and deliver fresh recipe ingredients directly to your home or office each week. In a cooler box, you’ll receive just the right amount of every ingredient along with simple instructions to cook a meal you’ll love in under 30 minutes. Prepared ingredients mean zero prep required and fewer dishes to clean up.

The process is fairly easy, you set up an account with Fresh Prep online while setting up for your first delivery, you choose the number of meals you want and for 2 person or 4 person. You then get all the pre-portioned ingredients along with the recipes delivered to your home. I made a selection of four dishes during the week I used their service.

My favourite dishes in order of preference are here.

Mediterranean Lentil Bowl


Pan cooking the lentils

preparing the vegetables

Pan roasting the vegetables

making the zesty lemon yogurt topper

Mediterranean Lentil Bowl

Mediterranean Lentil Bowl featuring organic French lentils, eggplant, butternut squash, red onions, garlic and topped with zesty lemon yogurt.

On to the next favourite meal:


cutting the tofu

Pan frying the veggies

Frying the veggies and sauce

added the tofu to the pan

Spicy Red Thai Tofu Curry

Spicy Red Thai Tofu Curry with cilantro and lime speckled coconut rice

On to the next favourite meal:


pan frying the shrimp

frying the shrimp

cooking the butter beans

the salad

Garlic Shrimp with lemon rosemary smashed butter beans

Garlic Shrimp with lemon rosemary smashed butter beans and tossed salad

The last dish:


the vegetables

Chicken and vegetables on the pan

cooked and out of the oven

Sheet Pan Chicken

Sheet Pan Chicken with garlic herb butter and roasted vegetables

Likes: Proteins arrived frozen which meant you could skip a day or two if you needed to when cooking each of the meals.

Dislikes: would have liked to see the menu cards for each recipe in a colour, 6 step process like the other services.


$62 for 3 meals, 2 person per week

$115 for 3 meals, 4 person per week

Instagram @freshprepvan

I enjoyed making these meals and thought Fresh Prep makes it easy for the average home cook to make meals in under an hour.

By: Richad Wolak

Disclosure: I received a complimentary media package, however, all opinions are my own.

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