New Dishes Tasting at El Santo

With new Executive Chef Sam Fabbro now head of the kitchen at this restaurant which just celebrated it’s 2 year anniversary, I had the pleasure to revisit to taste some of chef’s new dishes.

1st dish:

Queso Panela & Asado

Queso Panela & Asado a very interesting dish made with grilled panela cheese, on a bed of cactus puree with duck prosciutto.

2nd dish:

Cachetes de Cochino

Cachetes de Cochino with achiote salsa tender pork cheeks

3rd dish:

Pescado a La Veracruzana

Pescado a La Veracruzana – West coast Ocean Perch and my favourite dish, quite the presentation as the whole fish is served to the table, with capers & olives, grilled tomatoes, mild chili broth, cilantro pesto, and it served with green rice. I would suggest that you make an advance reservation for this fish if you are planning to order this at the same time you make your dining reservation.

4th dish:

Charred Corn Husk Flan

Charred Corn Husk Flan with candied nuts, guajillo sugar, mezcal caramel, made for a wonderful ending to this tasting.

El Santo is located at 680 Columbia Street in downtown New Westminster.

By: Richard Wolak

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