Chef Westley Feist Dinner at Dock Lunch

Chef Westley Feist recently presented a wonderful pop-up dinner at Dock Lunch where he featured 6 courses, as well he offered guests an option of pairing cocktails for an extra charge. Chef Westley spoke about each of the courses as they were being presented.

1st course

carrot and apple

carrot and apple, chestnuts, scallions

2nd course

butternut squash

butternut squash, mussels, chilli, XO sauce

3rd course

beet and potato

beet and potato, fermented tofu, wild rice

4th course

poached steelhead

poached steelhead, rye crusted, trout roe, daikon, and roasted Choy; this was my favourite course.

5th course

duck breast

duck breast, braised celery, fermented cassis

6th course

silken pumpkin mousse

silken pumpkin mousse, carraway, coconut, nastursium, this was my 2nd favourite course.

Chef Westley Feist has worked at the Marriott Pinnacle Hotel in downtown Vancouver as an Executive Sous Chef and recently as a Sous Chef at the renowned Vancouver Club. Previously, he had the chance to spend the summer cooking at Westcoast Fishing Club on Langara Island in the beautiful Haida Gwaii. He has recently gone on his own and offers Private Dining services and will work with you to personalize a menu for your event.  He can also offer Cooking Classes in your home or office, as a well as catering for Cocktail parties.

Watch for his next pop-up dinner. You can contact him here or on Instagram @chefwestleyfeist

By: Richard Wolak

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