Tasting Brunch at The New Oxford

Chef Sarah Stewart recently joined The Donnelly Group who runs The New Oxford as well as many other restaurants and bars across the country; she joined Executive Chef Alvin Pillay. I enjoyed a taste of their newly launched brunch menu earlier in the summer.

Banana Bread

Banana bread is complimentary with the meal and it was a delicious start.

BK Block Party

BK Block Party ($12) was a tasty cocktail with NY Distilling Dorothy Parker Gin, watermelon juice, lime juice, ginger honey syrup, Somersby cider, and a wedge of lime.

1st dish:

Yogurt & Granola

Yogurt & Granola ($12) with a selection of fruits, preserves, honeyed Greek yogurt, granola, and toasted seeds.

2nd dish:

Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros ($15) it’s classic dish with a cheese tortilla that resembled a quesadilla, avocado, spicy chickpea and yam, sunny eggs (usually comes with these eggs, however I had mine without the obligatory eggs), and Cotija cheese.

3rd dish:

Nola French Toast

Nola French Toast ($14) Nola “stuffed” French Toast with fruit and the bourbon syrup which was outstanding and my favourite of the dishes I tried.

The New Oxford is located at 1144 Homer Street in Vancouver.  Reservations may be needed, and you can call them at (604) 609-0901. You can find them on twitter and Instagram @NewOxfordVan

By: Richard Wolak

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