6314 Fraser Street, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 558-3233


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Advice: Counter service.

Mushroom Curry

Nagoya Roll

Melon Easter bun and the Lemon custard filled Roll

Melon Pan buns

With their focus making and baking Japanese treats, this homestyle eatery is run by Owner/Pastry Chef Hitomi Syvertsen. In this bakery/café they serve homestyle savoury dishes as well as baking and desserts. I have been in a few times since they opened in the spring, I have had the delicious Mushroom Curry with brown rice, as well as their Whipped Cream Hotel Bread. I loved the Yuzu Cheesecake (Japanese citrus) as well as the Vegan Cake. Asides from all their dishes and baked goods, the draw here are the Japanese buns, I loved the Nagoya Roll with red bean and sweet butter, which appeared to be similar to a cinnamon bun, yet it was made with red bean. I have tried several of their other buns including the Melon Easter bun and the Lemon custard filled Roll. It’s the unique and yummy Melon Pan buns which have people coming from miles around the city, lightly crusted on the outside similar to a Hong Kong style Pineapple Bun, and they come in many different varieties, my favourites have been the Mocha filled with coffee crème and the Matcha filled with Matcha crème which is outstanding.

They also have a variety of sandwiches daily featuring the best local producers products and ingredients, a large array of desserts and now offer Birchwood Dairy Ice Cream to go inside or outside of their popular melon pans.

Review by: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V5W 3A3, Canada

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