First Taste of Chickpea: the Restaurant

Owners Rotem Tal and Itamar Shani successfully launched their Chickpea foodtruck over a year ago which took the city by storm, they have now expanded their offerings with their new 100% plant based restaurant located on Main Street.

Here they have created a beautiful dining room with colourful wall murals, the ‘tree’, benches with toys for kids to play along with an awesome kids menu, plus the adult menus are creatively presented with inside covers of popular picture books to keep you entertained if you weren’t already.

Chickpea experience

One of their Great ideas – is to get the Chickpea experience with a group of 2+

For $22 per person, you get one main dish of your choice, plates of hummus, Israeli salad, and pita, along with a signature array of salatim including red beet salad, matbukha, tangy Moroccan carrots, pickled veg, marinated cucumber, cabbage, hatzilim, and baba ganoush (most are refillable for free if you want more).

You will find wine on tap, craft beer and cider, ginger beer, Turkish coffee, and Milano coffee are just a few of the options here on the beverage side to go along with delicious vegetarian comfort food dishes.

Just like many Mexican restaurants who feature salsa bars, here at this vegan Mediterranean focussed eatery they have five different varieties of tahini (complimentary) for you to add to the dishes as you wish.


Their Limonana is a refreshing minty lemonade that I love.

Hatzil Baladi

Some of the dishes that I tried included Hatzil Baladi outstanding eggplant dish sprinkled with olive oil then flame-charred, topped with tangy lemon-garlic sauce, classic tahini and garnished with tomatoes, parsley and chopped red onions


Shnizelonim – crispy battered smoked tofu with sliced yam and avocado


Shawarma — thinly sliced tempeh marinated in exotic spices, veggie version


Shakshuka— tangy tomato sauce infused with Mediterranean spices with garlic, onions, carrots, peppers topped with Vegan sausage and chickpeas.

Chickpea is located at 4298 Main Street in Vancouver. Follow them on twitter @ILoveChickpea and on Instagram @ilovechickpea

By: Richard Wolak

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