The Juice Truck Cookbook Launch

Ryan Slater and Zach Berman, Co-Authors

I recently attended the book launch party at The Juice Truck café for The Juice Truck cookbook, a guide to juicing, smoothies, cleanses and living a plant based lifestyle. Published by Appetite a division of Penguin Random House and is now available.

Guests at the party enjoyed juice cocktails, along with a selection of plant based eats made by The Juice Truck as well as Heron Cheese Co.

It is a beautiful and well layed out book with colourful and eye-catching photographs and illustrations that match their company’s brilliant branding, The Juice Truck incorporates advice from health coach Colin Medhurst, and outlines the tools you need to make the perfect juice, the science behind juicing, and the benefits of each specific ingredient. The book dives into the juice cleanse and tells you everything you need to know about this health trend, giving you the top 10 tips to consider before embarking on a cleanse. It debunks other cleanses and outlines which ones are actually good for you and how to cleanse in a safe and proper way. The authors also break down and profile their favourite superior foods, tinctures, supplements and boosters. Once the reader is perfectly equipped, Zach and Ryan provide over 110 mouth-watering drink recipes from nut milks, smoothies, juice and hot drinks, as well as easy-to-make and delicious plant-based food recipes that can be eaten alone or accompany the many drink recipes. Interspersed throughout the recipes are case studies by experts in their fields on subjects like meditation, sleep, yoga, fiber, microbes, food allergies, sensitivities and intolerance, and the nervous system.

You can purchase The Juice Truck book at Amazon as well as at bookstores throughout North America as well as online.

By: Richard Wolak

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