Bowmore Whisky Unlock Hidden Depths

I recently had the opportunity to taste some of the fine Whiskey’s from the Bowmore collection in a guided food and whisky pairing tasting.

Bowmore is a distillery that produces scotch whisky on the isle of Islay, an island of the Inner Hebrides.

Bowmore Robby Burns cocktail

Featuring Bowmore expressions from the Islay distillery’s No.1 Vaults, Scotland’s oldest maturation warehouse.


Starting off the tasting of the Bowmore Small Batch, 12 Year Old and 15 Year Old, along with carefully selected food pairings and a Robbie Burns cocktail.


Pairing with an Oyster selection

Small batch paired with 3 oysters – had us pour a little whisky over the oyster in the shell to taste together which worked so well. I am not usually fond of oysters, however this time around the pairing was perfect.

Pairing with Confit duck and kohlrabi salad

12 year old whisky paired with Confit duck and kohlrabi salad, and this was a delicious pairing.

Pairing with malted chocolate cremeaux chestnuts

Malted chocolate cremeaux chestnuts paired with the 15 year old whisky was divine.

More on Bowmore and it’s availability can be found here.

By: Richard Wolak

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