A Taste of Dine Out Vancouver 2017 Eating and Experiencing

Chef Vikram Vij

Last week I previewed a Dine Out menu at one of our long time restaurants that has joined Dine Out for the first time which was Vij’s; as well I had the pleasure to experience one of the Secret Supper Soirees that Swallow Tail is presenting this year.

The 1st stop

Jack Fruit Curry

After our bus journey we arrived at Vij’s Restaurant for some Indian snacks and chai, Chef Vikram Vij and Bartender Jay Jones then provided us a taste of several dishes along with a cocktail to pair to enjoy.

They are offering a $40 Dine Out Menu and since reservations are not accepted you still have a chance to visit once the Dine Out festival begins at Vij’s Restaurant.

Featuring 3 courses, you have a chance to select 1 choice from each selection, I suggest you book this restaurant with a friend or two and order different dishes so that you can all share.


Jackfruit in black cardamom and cumin curry


Chickpeas in star anise & date masala on grilled kale


Spicy keema (ground lamb) curry on sweet potato and ricotta “cookies”


Green beans and potatoes in mustard seed curry on green lentil and brown Basmati rice pilaf


Vegetable koftas in creamy tomato-fenugreek curry


Braised beef shortribs in Punjabi style curry


Almond rice pudding


Gulab Jamun

Back on the bas to our 2nd stop to experience one of the Secret Supper Soirees that Swallow Tail is presenting and since it is all supposed to be a surprise, you will want to be guessing you food and drink stops and such along the way, make sure you book your tickets as soon as you can. 

This 2017 Dine Out Vancouver Festival showcases over 280 participating restaurants , there is a challenge to find the best and most creative menu, unique flavours, value and most of all experience. To me Dine Out Vancouver is an experience, it gives us a chance to try some new restaurants, it gives us a reason to go outside of our comfort zone and neighborhood to explore, savour and enjoy! Dine Out Reservations are now open here, browse the menus, select from the various price levels of $20, $30 and $40 and reserve early to get the dates and time that you desire.

Tourism Vancouver Dine Out Festival and Vancouver Foodster present

If you are a fan of our Tasting Plates events or love trying new dishes and restaurants, you are going to want to hear about the 7 events that Vancouver Foodster is presenting during the upcoming Dine Out Festival that kicks off next month. The Dine Out Festival always offers diners a chance to try restaurants they may not have tried before which is often for dinner, this year Tourism Vancouver has added many more food related events to get people out exploring and tasting even more. For the 4th consecutive year,  in 2017 I will be producing another  6 Dine Out Brunch Crawls showcasing multiple restaurants in 6 different Vancouver neighborhoods, plus the Art, Eat and Sip event on Granville Island showcasing the island’s breweries, distilleries, eateries and artists.

These are the 7 events that are now on sale in the Dine Out Festival 

Tickets now on sale through Tickets Tonight 

By: Richard Wolak

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