Richmond Night Market Another Go Around

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On Saturday night I visited this market for the first time this season, after a lengthy wait in line, I then enjoyed the next 3 hours eating my way around the market.


Shio Ramen

Shio Ramen

My 1st stop was to Benkei Ramen to see Chefs Kaori and Taka Omi where I enjoyed a delicious bowl of their Shio Ramen. This was a very busy spot with ramen fans lined-up waiting patiently for piping hot bowls of ramen.

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garlic chicken wings

garlic chicken wings

My next stop was located a couple stalls away at Phnom Penh, many will know about this restaurant from their popular location in Chinatown, here they specialize in their deep fried garlic chicken wings served with a lemon pepper sauce

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Skewered Meats

Skewered Meats

My third stop was closeby to It’s all about Grill, which has been serving up skewers for 12 years, they are known for their marinated meats that are then grilled and full of flavours. I had a selection of all of their skewered meats.

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Crispy Potato Korroke

Crispy Potato Korroke

Next it was to visit Mogu to try the Crispy Potato Korroke, they operate 2 stalls at this market and this is the newest one this season.

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Japanese Crepe

Japanese Crepe

It was time to try some desserts, visited Sasuke Japanese Crepes who have been making delicious crepes for the past 7 years in this market. I had the Japanese Crepe that was filled with red bean, matcha ice cream, whipped cream and more.

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Mango Shaved Ice

Mango Shaved Ice

For my last stop, I visited Mango Yummy, this was a very popular stall and they have been here for many years. I had the Mango Shaved Ice with Mochi, mangos and ice cream.

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Tip: You need good walking shoes, wear dark clothes (if you wear white any food that lands on you will show), and take a long a sweater or light jacket.

Tip: Since it’s always crowded and there are line-ups almost everywhere, throw out the notion of eating savouries then dessert and mix it up.

Tip: Don’t drive to this market, take Canada Line like we did, it’s quick and so easy.

Tip: There is a long line-up to get in and it moves quite fast.

Tip: It is cash only for entrance as well as at most of the vendors.

Cost: $3.25 per person to enter

Hours: 7pm – 12am Friday and Saturday; 7pm – 11pm Sunday

Open: Weekends at night only thru the summer until October

Location: 8351 River Road, Richmond and here is a map on how to find it.

This is the largest night market in North America, on the food side there are 100 Food stalls and on the other side at least 200 stalls, so expect to do lots of walking and most of all lots of eating at this market. You can find the market on instagram @richmondnightmarket

By: Richard Wolak

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