Gastown Brunch Crawl 2016


On January 16, 2016 we presented the first crawl in a series of neighborhood brunch crawls in this 3rd year of our brunch crawl series we produced and presented with Tourism Vancouver for their Dine Out Festival. Participants had a chance to visit 7 restaurants through-out the Gastown neighbourhood of Vancouver and taste all sorts of dishes on this unique food crawl.


gastown brunch crawl 2016 prado

At Prado Café after people registered they were offered a choice from the featured selection from the beverage lineup that included a Flat White, Americano or a Holiday Spice Latte.



Next door, Zero Zero Pizzeria offered a taste of brunch pizzas that included, the hearty Zero Zero Pizza topped with potato, wieners, cheese, olives on a focaccia-like pizza crust along with The Pizzetta Matina topped with scrambled eggs, potato, tomato, greens on a crisp thin crust.


gastown dov 2016 1

Nearby, The Smallflower Cafe and Bakeshop presented a vegan and gluten-free selection of dishes that included a Tomato basil soup, BBQ tofu slider on a house made gluten free biscuit, and a Mini Waffle Cones with vegan Nice Vice Creamery Coconut ice cream, chocolate sauce, and caramel.

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rodneys 3

rodneys 2

On the Eastern end of Gastown was Rodney’s Oyster House where they served everyone a choice of a couple of their notable brunch dishes

Smoked Salmon Croque Madam

Crab Cake Eggs Benedict





Across the street at The Birds and The Beets cafe they were part of a unique collaboration with Grain where they featured a selection of salads that included their Sprouted curry French and green lentils and herb salad; Kale, Farro, toasted bread ad ranch salad; Spicy lentil spread, shaved housemade pickles, seeded bread along with a Whole Grain stoneground chocolate chip cookie.




Across the street at Bao Down Gastown they served a choice of a Morning Glory Bao; with sausage, bacon, chive omelette, cheese, mayo, hashbrowns, scallions, and banana ketchup or their Beignets to guests.





Lastly up a couple of blocks was The Capilano Tea and Soda Co, where they were serving Juniper Rooibos & The Sisters herbal teas along with a couple of caffeinated teas including Greeting the Sun and Elderberry Green, They also served freshly Baked Bannock with The Local Churn butter and East Van Jam; along with their Ancient Filo with rosehip jelly stuffed with bison, sweet potato, and herbs.

The restaurants featured many unique and tasty dishes to our guests to eat and drink throughout the event.

Vancouver Foodster is excited to be presenting 6 brunch crawls in 6 different neighborhoods throughout this 2016 festival, see our other events here, grab your tickets and come join us.!

By: Richard Wolak

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