Ban Chok Dee Thai Fall Menu, New Dishes

Visited recently to taste a selection of new dishes from Executive Chef Parinya Lopston’s fall menu.

1st dish:

Tom Kha Scallop Soup

Tom Kha Scallop Soup

Tom Kha Scallop Soup served in coconut shell, loved the silkiness of the coconut milk in the warm soup.

2nd dish:

Pomelo Salad

Pomelo Salad

Pomelo Salad topped with shrimp with Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon, a colourful and flavourful dish.

3rd dish:

Stuffed Pork Belly

Stuffed Pork Belly

Stuffed Pork Belly with a delicious pear and macadamia honey glaze served with a spicy Carrot & Plum Sauce.

4th dish:

Lamb Mussaman

Lamb Mussaman

Lamb Mussaman lamp chop style served with Coconut Potato, Macadamia Nuts with stunning flavours.

5th dish:

BCD Nahm Gai Tord

BCD Nahm Gai Tord

BCD Nahm Gai Tord fried chicken wings in a delicious spicy ginger caramel sauce with ground peanuts, with fresh Jicama root slices along with a pineapple and coconut sticky rice, topped with sweet & sour crunchy rice noodles.

6th dish:

Siam Sliders,

Siam Sliders

Siam Sliders, such an impressive dish, 3 different sliders and each with a different colour of home-made bun with different fillings. Three Sliders, consisting of 1 each of Marinated Battered Chicken/Seasoned Prawns/Canadian Beef, stacked with Lettuce, Lotus Root, Caramelized Sweet Pork Belly with Onion and Cashew Nuts, Fresh Shredded Green Mango, Sprouts and Green Onion served in homemade Beet/Spinach/Pumpkin buns with Red/Green/Yellow Curry Coconut Milk sauce. Garnished with Dill Pickles and Pickled peppers.


Ban Chok Dee Thai

20563 Douglas Crescent, Langley

Tel: 778-278-3088


Twitter: @BanChokDeeThai

By: Richard Wolak

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