Innovate Products at Grocery Showcase West

I was one of the judges of the top Innovative Products at the annual Grocery Showcase West (GSW) at the Vancouver Convention Centre held April 14, 2015. Known as the event for Western grocery retailers to meet with food producers and suppliers from across Canada. GSW is dedicated to serving the growing grocery industry by facilitating business partnerships between retailers, major and local manufacturers, private processors, and importers through an active, 300 booth tradeshow as well as various educational conference sessions.


Walking the aisles I saw a multitude of products and tasted my way around, these are some of the products that stood out for me at this year’s show.

Goat cheese rounds

Goat cheese rounds – The Farm House

Greek Yogurt drinks - The Farm House

Greek Yogurt drinks – The Farm House

Frozen Coconut

Frozen Coconut

Perugia chocolate

Perugia chocolate

Chokolivia Chocolate Olive Spread

Chokolivia Chocolate Olive Spread

It was great to see local cheese co, The Farm House, I loved their new flavoured greek yogurt drinks as well as their line of goat cheese. Frozen Coconut, a locally produced vegan ice cream was a hit, I loved their original coconut flavour. I loved tasting the new Perugia chocolate bars, as well as the delicious Chokolivia Chocolate Olive Spread from Turkey.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers announced their Top 10 Most Innovative products from the annual Grocery & Specialty Food West show. My fellow judges and I handpicked 10 products from the New Product showcase based on uniqueness, buzz and innovation.

Top 10 Most Innovative Products (no particular order):

  1. Millennium Green House – Limmi Juice Lime Juice
  2. Acosta Sales & Marketing – Heritage Perogies Harvest Potatoes Farm Style Cream Cheese & Savoury Dill
  3. Lassonde – NutriSolution Meal Replacement Strawberry Banana
  4. General Mills Canada – Cheerios Plus Flax Cinnamon Coconut (coming soon)
  5. Single Cup Coffee – Skinny Girl Single Cups Peach Bellini (coming soon)
  6. I-D Foods Corporation – Puddin’ Squeez
  7. Tree of Life – Elderflower Tonic Water (coming soon)
  8. Imprint Plus – Reusable Name Badge System
  9. Saputo Dairy Products Canada – Brie Coco
  10. Falesca Importing Ltd. – Agavi Agave Syrup (coming soon)

Grocery Showcase West is produced by the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers.

By: Richard Wolak

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