Prohibition Bar Opening

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Last week I attended the opening party for the newest cocktail bar in the city, and one of the most beautiful, located downstairs inside the Rosewood Hotel Georgia.

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Guests enjoyed a line-up of classic cocktails including The Prohibition, The Hotel Georgia and others, as well they enjoyed delicious canapes from the Grilled Jalepieno Pineapple Salad, Divine Caviar topped mini pancakes, House smoked Cheese to the Smoked Chocolate Cigar.

Bar Manager Robyn Gray at his bar

Bar Manager Robyn Gray at his bar

The prohibition era was a time of true authenticity where people could break down social barriers and bond over a shared experience. Prohibition at Rosewood Hotel Georgia invites the present to escape back into that inclusivity and authenticity by honoring and nurturing the time period in which it existed. A throwback to the age of decadence, glamour and prosperity, the 3,000-square-foot bar invites guests to travel back in time to the Roaring Twenties with daily live musical entertainment and sleek interiors that create an intimate, sophisticated ambiance reminiscent of the era’s speakeasies. Bespoke cocktail creations that incorporate house-made bitters will challenge convention while vintage cocktails will honor the history of the craft of bartending. The menu will also boast an impressive champagne selection and a diverse offering of wines, spirits and craft beers.

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Prohibition Bar (801 West Georgia Street, entrance off of Howe Street).

Thank you to our photographer Michelle Hondl for capturing the night so well.

By: Richard Wolak

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