Loden Hotel Celebrates 5 Years

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Last night I attended the elegant and festive party that began as you entered and existed the Loden Hotel, from the main floor to the penthouse the party evolved.

Chef Garett Blundell (left)

Chef Garett Blundell (left)

This was a party like none other, very well planned and festive. From the delicious food and drink to the fabulous entertainment happening throughout the hotel this was a party people will remember.

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I ate my way through the delicious crispy wonton stuffed beef short rib, grilled cheese sandwiches, croquettes, mushroom tarts, sirloin skewers and more.

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Upstairs on the 14th floor was a palace of desserts, a room filled with beautiful mini cupcakes, puffs and delicious macarons.

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The bar inside Tableau as well as the bars located on the Penthouse level served all sorts of cocktails to guests throughout the night.

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Many of the rooms were decorated and all sorts of different activities for guests to enjoy as members of the Kinesis Dance entertained. There was a flutest performing in the Penthouse and DJ’s spinning throughout the hotel.

The Loden Hotel is located at 1177 Melville Street in downtown Vancouver, you can also find them online here.

By: Richard Wolak

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