Mealshare Supports People in Need

I recently heard about a new program that just launched in Vancouver called Mealshare that works with restaurants and provides meals for those in need.

What is Mealshare? It is a new non-profit organization run by three young entrepreneurs  who put their logo next to one or more of a restaurant’s menu items. For every Mealshare branded menu item purchased, a meal will be donated to someone in need to match it. Buy one and give one is the philosophy, menu items that participate have a logo next to them for easy recognition.

Participating restaurants thus far include Darby’s Pub, Aphrodite’s Organic Café and Ghurka Himalyan Kitchen and I hope that more restaurants will jump on board to participate in this program.

If you want to donate to one or more of their selected charities you can do so here

If you are a restaurant that wants to get involved you can do so here

Looking forward to seeing more local restaurants involved in this program that helps people in need.

By: Richard Wolak

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