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Phone: 604-366-0036

Web: www.eateli.com

Twitter: @EatEli

Advice: Follow them on twitter for updated opening times and locations.



Here is a guy named Eli who is as serious about sausage as his namesake Serious Sausage sells nothing else other than sausages, it is simple in a way that he only sells a specific type of sausage. He braves the elements each day from rain, to the cold to the sunshine as he stands outside in his open street cart or you can say his open kitchen. I am sure he has seen it all, from standing on the street downtown to being in a park at a festival and he is also a pleasure to talk too. I visited for my very first time the other day, having the Currywurst ($7) plate (without the usual bun) that came with sauteed chopped onions and sauerkraut and covered in his home-made and outstanding currywurst sauce or best called curry ketchup. It is so good that he is now bottling the sauce for customers to buy, I would pick up a few bottles the next time you see this cart.

Pretty much the only way to find Serious Sausage is to follow him on twitter.

Review by: Richard Wolak

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