WE Coffee Inc

WE Coffee

I have visited the WE Coffee café ever since they opened, their Owner and Barista was the winner of my Best Barista Award this past year, he is truly passionate for his craft.

William Chu

William Chu says the secret to making a good coffee, is that you must have the passion. Love what you do and always strive to be better. His story begins when he was just a kid having his first cup of coffee. He came across an article about coffee roasting in a magazine one day and he learned that there was actually so much going on behind that cup of coffee. In order to make that one cup, it required a lot of dedication, hard work, and passion. He was fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn how to make coffee from a master roaster in Taiwan. William got to see the dedication and hard work that led to producing that cup of coffee just like in the magazine.

Coffee Roaster

Read about their coffee roasting process here their custom blends.

WE Coffee is located at 1696 Robson Street,  Vancouve. On the phone at (604) 566-9988

By: Richard Wolak

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