Doi Chaang Coffee Company

Doi Chaang is a coffee company that is headquartered in Vancouver, though the coffee company is set in a small village located within the Northern Thailand region of the Golden Triangle. It all began when the hill tribe families of the Doi Chang Village united together to create their own coffee company; after 20 years of cultivating and processing coffee, the farmers grew frustrated selling their high quality beans for minimal prices to coffee dealers who would blend them with other inferior coffee beans. Through their own initiative, their families decided it was time to directly offer the unique taste of their own premium, single-estate, organic Arabica coffee.

The villagers soon established themselves as independent, successful coffee producers, building their own processing plants, drying facilities, and storage warehouses. The coffee is cultivated in small family gardens with everyone committed to maintaining sustainable agriculture and having minimal impact on the natural habitat. All aspects of production are carefully monitored to ensure consistent and optimal taste in every cup of Doi Chaang Coffee. Committed to offering Doi Chaang Coffee as an exclusive single-estate, certified-organic Arabica, the growers approached a small Canadian group of coffee enthusiasts to bring Doi Chaang Coffee into the international market.

Recently Doi Chaang sent me some of their coffee to try, I sampled my way through a couple bags of coffee along with their signature Single-Estate Wild Civet Coffee which is made from coffee cherries that have been passed through the digestive system of a wild civet. Growers continue to focus on cultivation, processing and domestic sales, while the Canadian group provides financing, marketing, roasting and distribution for the international market.

Doi Chaang Coffee Company is available locally at several stores including Donalds Market, London Drugs, Nesters, and many others around the region. You can follow them on twitter @doichaangcoffee

By: Richard Wolak

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