Refreshing Be Coconut Water

Refreshing drinks are always the way to go for hydration after exercise. Awhile back Be Coconut sent me a case of their coconut water to try, knowing that a bottle or two would just give me a taste I expect they wanted to challenge me somewhat. Over a period of a couple months I drank my way through the coconut water which was quite refreshing.

I am not a fan of sugary sport drinks, so this brand of coconut water worked well for my beverage preference, I had only tasted the pure version for this article.

Pure, natural and hydrating Be Coconut Water is currently sourced from a single estate farm in Southern Thailand. They use the purest super fruit ingredients Mother Nature has to offer capturing naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support active lifestyles and healthy living.

Be Coconut Water is available locally in a variety of stores including Urban Fare. You can follow them on Twitter @becoconut and ask them where this brand is available in your neighborhood.

By: Richard Wolak

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