Going Crazy for Pie

Pie is all the rage in Vancouver, one of the latest food trends to tempt us all, it’s not just about the good old fashioned pie, this pie trend includes sweet and savoury, from pies to tarts. There are many places around the city specializing in these flaky wonders, here are a few that I have tried lately of which are on my radar for having some of the city’s best.

Chocolate Pecan Pie

This is the very best Chocolate Pecan Pie I have ever had and I have tried a lot of pies over the years. From the first bite I took it was heaven on the fork from the delicious flakey crust to the moist and delish filling, I knew that I hit bliss. I joked with my friend that this was the smallest pie shop I had ever seen and I was quite serious.  They offer up about 5 pies at any given time, there is no room for much more, the shop seats 2 people, so take out is pretty much the only option. Two sisters are the owners Andrea and Stephanie French and the pies are baked fresh daily, sold whole or by the slice.

The Pie Shoppe

721 Gore Street, Vancouver


Web: www.Thepieshoppe.ca

Twitter: @thepieshoppe

Neighborhood: Chinatown

Apple & Vanilla Bean Custard Tart

The Apple & Vanilla Bean Custard Tart was delicious, I had intended on having a bite or two and ended up eating it all it was that good. The shop features everything tarts, from savoury to sweet their selection is vast. Two sisters are the owners Lisa and Shawna Coan and the tarts are baked fresh daily, and sold whole.

Tarts Bakery

1509 W Broadway, Vancouver


Web: www.tartsbakery.ca/

Twitter: @TartsBakery

Neighborhood: South Granville

Banana Cream Pie

The Banana Cream Pie topped with To Die For Banana Bread streusel topping was over the top goodness and this was one pie that I could not eat alone, as good as it was, it was also extremely rich and indulgent. They offer an extensive selection of savoury and sweet pies. All are available to order with a minimum of 24 hours notice, you can then pickup the pie or have it delivered to you. Owned by Jenell Parsons.

The Pie Hole



Web: http://www.vancouverpiehole.com/

Twitter: @pieholevan

Neighborhood: Strathcona

Check out some more places for pie in and outside of the city.

By: Richard Wolak

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