Back to School Online Treasure Hunt

In order to win the Treasure Hunt, you must answer each and every question correctly (by following the Treasure Hunt details below), there will be 3 prizes awarded to the top 3 people who win in sequence.

Prizes up for grabs

1st place — $75 Gift Card to Rogue Kitchen & Whet Bar on Broadway

2nd place — $50 Gift Card to The District in North Vancouver

3rd place — 2 tickets to Food Talks Vol. 4 on October 23

The 12 Questions

1) Andrew Sosa premiered on a  new radio show today, name the radio show and his twitter address

2) What is the twitter address of the pizza restaurant that I named in the My Top 10 Things to do before Summer ends in The Westender August 23 issue?

3) Which restaurant is the registration location for the next Tasting Plates event on September 12?

4) I will be doing a Brunch Interview soon with one of the hosts of the Peak 100.9 FM Radio show, who is that person?

5) Name 3 menu items that I ate on Saturday night (hint see my twitter or an article)

6) Who are the 4 speakers listed to date (full names) for the Food Talks Vol 4 event that Richard Wolak is hosting?

7) What is the name of the restaurant and the names of the owners in the most recent review that Richard Wolak wrote about?

8) Which new tea shop has Richard Wolak not yet visited? (hint he has talked about it)

9) What is the brand of my favourite new snack? (you should have been watching and reading today)

10) What is the name of the burger and what are 3 ingredients in the burger at Tap & Barrel that I want to try next?

11) What is Kid Carson’s favourite food? (you will find that answer somewhere on Vancouver Foodster)

12) What day of the week am I hosting my new Lunch series where I interview Business & Cultural leaders?

 WINNERS who were 100% accurate in their answers

1st place – Winnie Wong

2nd place – Janet Woo

3rd place –Karen Lam 

The Treasure Hunt Details:

To enter you must do the following:

1)    Submit a detailed comment including your Full Name and answering each of the 12 questions correctly referencing each Number (there are hints and clues within most questions)

Treasure Hunt ends Tuesday September 4 at 2:30pm. Good luck to everyone that enters!

Fine Print: You must enter your full name and include your Twitter address if you have one, and register with your email address when entering the contest. One entry per person only.

This is Contest #9 September 4th in the End of Summer Giveaway Madness

Winner awarded based on first people to get the answers 100% correct

Vancouver Foodster was founded by Richard Wolak who over the past 3+ years has reviewed hundreds of restaurants, cafes and food trucks; and written hundreds of stories that includes interviews with bartenders, brewmasters, chefs , restaurateurs, wine makers; and attended a few hundred parties and events that includes restaurant openings and anniversaries, competitions, festivals, and tastings.

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