Vancouver Foodster Scavenger Hunt

In celebration of our 3rd anniversary of this month, we will be hosting a series of events to celebrate! Kicking off the celebration is today’s Scavenger Hunt!

Welcome to Vancouver Foodster’s Online Social Media Scavenger Hunt.  Everyone is invited to participate, from your office, home or school.

The Scavenger Hunt tests both reading and research skills. All answers may be found on or as well in the @vanfoodster tweets on twitter and will include a bit of a scavenging around your office, home or nearby cafe!

The winners will receive prizes, the Grand Prize is a $50 Gift Certificate to the Burrard Bridge Bar & Grill (Pirate Pub), 4 tickets to our Food Talks Vol 2 event on July 10 and 2 tickets to our secret location birthday party coming up in a couple of weeks!

Subsequent winners will receive Gift Certificates from Local Public Eatery $25, Rogue Kitchen & Whet Bar $25, Tapenade Bistro $25 and tickets to Food Talks on July 10th.

Online Scavenger Hunt

You will need to provide your twit pic links by taking a photo of everything you find from the list below in 1 photo and then provide twit pic links for the other photos as requested below (this all must be included in one comment that is your entry in a comment below and must include your full name, twitter address if you have one).

1) Draw a photo on paper or napkin that includes @vanfoodster and Happy 3rd Anniversary (be creative)!

2) Name which coffee roaster’s coffee does Prado Cafe on Commercial Drive use?

3) Find a pair of chopsticks (from a sushi restaurant that shows the restaurant name on the wrapper)

4) Take a photo of a Barista in a Cafe in Vancouver or area making a coffee

5) Richard Wolak has been talking about trying Salads this summer, which 2 proteins has he mentioned be included?

6) Which 2 hosts on City Tv Breakfast Television have I interviewed in my “Brunch with Celebrities” series?

7) Which 2 pastry chefs are speaking at Food Talks vol 2 on July 10?

8) What is the name of the person who spoke at Food Talks Vol 1 that founded The Tiffin Project?

9) Write out a tweet in a 140 characters or less that includes @vanfoodster and something to do with food or drink.

10) Take a photo of a menu in a restaurant or a take-out menu you happen to have at home.

 CONGRATULATIONS – winner of the Grand Prize was Rachael Qualley and the 2nd place winner was Rob Carn

Scavenger Hunt Rules:

  • The scavenger hunt will end on July 9 at 3pm. Good luck to everyone that enters!
  • You must enter your full name and include your Twitter address if you have one, and register with your email address when entering the contest by posting in our comments section on this page
  • This is Contest #1 to Celebrate the Vancouver Foodster 3 Year Anniversary in July 2012.
  • Winner will be awarded based on the first person to get the answers 100% correct and subsequent winners will follow.
  • Only one entry per person is permitted.


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