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Yellow Pizza

With a vast selection of gourmet pizzas this pizza take-out and delivery restaurant is as classic as one can be. These are pizza pies offered in regular and large size only, the menu is a journey through France to Mexico to the West Coast and beyond, you will find The Elements featuring pizzas in the theme of Fire, Water, Earth and Wind, you will also find the Parallel World, Shades of green, white, orange and pink. You will also find a selection of C-Pizzas that reign supreme with their toppings such as the C3 which is describes as Caramelized Duck confit, bocconcini, enoki mushroom, chive and tomato relish. Then there is the top notch and probably the priciest pizza around, the C6 Lobster Thermidor, Russian Osetra Caviar for a mere $450. My tastes are not as grandious as one may think, my go to pizza which I have had each and every time since the first time I have visited has been the Yellow Pizza ($20 -regular size) – topped with Chicken breast, marinated artichokes, mushrooms and roasted yellow peppers which has always been outstanding!

Review by: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V5Z 2V9, Canada

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