1944 West 4th Ave, Vancouver

Tel 604-732-1322

Web: www.fablekitchen.ca

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Advice: Reserve in advance for the Chefs Table. Tasting menu offered most nights.

Chef Trevor Bird

After spending the afternoon at Vista d’ Oro Farms, I thought it would be apropos to visit Fable Kitchen to experience their Farm to Table cuisine. Dining at their Chefs Table last week with my friend Nikki, we both had the Tasting Menu ($45) that featured multi courses selected by Chef Trevor Bird (co-owner and competitor on Top Chef Canada). I am not one for surprises usually, however knowing Trevor’s accolades this is one chef that I would trust whole heartedly. Fable is the beginning of a story that starts on the farm, sourcing their ingredients from local purveyors that are accessible and sustainable.

Oyster (amuse)

Chick Pea Fritters

Spaghetti & Meatball

Canned Tuna

We began our tasting menu with an amuse of Oyster with hints of grapefruit, this was followed by the delicious Chick Pea Fritters, topped with pickled shallots with a light curry mayonnaise. Next was their version of Spaghetti & Meatball, an outstanding dish that was showcased on Top Chef Canada, which is actually a duck meatball filled with sauce on a bed of fettuccini topped with artichoke foam. Next was the Canned Tuna, another dish showcased on Top Chef Canada which is actually tuna in a glass mason jar served with a teaspoon of salt for the diner to mix in along with crispy toast, a clever and unique presentation.

Chorizo Crusted Halibut

Flat Iron Steak

Spring Pea Gnocchi

The next dish was a tender and flavourful Chorizo Crusted Halibut with mussels broth which was followed by an outstanding Flat Iron Steak with broccoli & potato confit & black pepper jam which made for the perfect taste sensation. I then added a dish which was a must try and was a wonderful addition to this amazing meal, the Spring Pea Gnocchi with pesto and pea shoots.

Lemon pot de Creme

Rhubarb Cake & Fennel Sorbet

Bread Pudding with Vanilla Nitro Ice Cream

Again the desserts followed a similar theme, refreshing and unique mixing of flavours, we shared the outstanding Lemon pot de Creme with lemon foam & granita followed by the Rhubarb Cake & Fennel Sorbet & streusel. I then ordered an extra dessert so that I could taste a dessert customers were raving about the Bread Pudding with Vanilla Nitro Ice Cream and Basil & Blueberry.

I watched each of the chefs cooking and plating throughout dinner, each was precise and passionate in their craft, it’s a team effort here and its one that is executed to perfection by Chefs Trevor Bird and Curtis Luk (also a competitor on Top Chef Canada Season Two). Expect great things from this culinary team and divine meals at Fable!

Review by: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V6J 1M7, Canada

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