French Macaron Baking Class with Chef Marco Ropke

Chef Marco Ropke

On April 13th,  I attended this hands on French Macaron class with Chef Marco Ropke at the Pastry Training Centre. Our class of 10 students were educated on the steps needed to make the best macarons.

Chef Marco making the Macaron batter

Chef Marco piping the Macarons on to the cookie sheet

Macarons in the drying stage

This was my first class at the Pastry Training Centre, Marco demonstrated Macarons to us, we were partnered up and assigned stations where many of the ingredients were pre-portioned for us to then follow the recipe and make on our own.

Students at work

Batch of chocolate macarons my station partner and I made

Macarons the classmates made

During the popular French Macaron class, we learned many of the tricks of the trade to make these very special and tricky little cookies. We worked on various different flavours, colors and fillings.

Chef Marco demonstrating the filling for the macarons

Chef Marco preparing the macarons for filling

This was a 4 hour pastry course and each of us left with a selection of macarons prepared in class. Various pastry techniques were covered, this course is a combination of hands-on experience and demonstrations.

Chef Marco piping in the filling on the macarons

The class made a selection of macarons with different flavours and fillings. My station partner and I made chocolate macarons with chocolate ganache.

As in all of their classes, all tools, utensils & equipment are provided. Aprons, recipes, light snacks and beverage are provided.

Finished Macarons

Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver is located at 818 Renfrew Street in Vancouver.

Telephone: 604-569-1680

@pastrytraining on twitter

By: Richard Wolak

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