Revolver Coffee Opening

John, Matti, Chris, and George Gianniakos

On Wednesday, August 31st I attended the opening party for Revolver Coffee on Cambie Street downtown Vancouver.

It’s operated by brothers John, Matti, Chris, and George Gianniakos who are 4 passionate brothers who share a true love for the bean; it’s owned by parents, Tarry and Kristine Gianniakos who also own Crema in West Vancouver.

I was happy to find one of my favourite coffee roasters beans on the bar, those from Ritual Coffee in San Francisco. They are smart about their coffee choices, customers have the choice of two for their espresso based drinks where you can choose from Ritual Coffee or Phil & Sebastian. They also have different roasters coffees available (always changing) with five brewing methods to choose: steel filter; Aeropress; siphon, clever or French press.

George told me that serving the best tea is also important for them and each brew pot is temperature controlled. On the Espresso side of things the menu is going to be simple, none of that fancy ‘bucks stuff, here it is going to be the true brew. On the eats side of things look for fresh baked goods, candies and nuts.

I have always loved cafes, especially ones that excude coolness, a place that people can enjoy the best coffee while being inspired and lost in thought.

Revolver Coffee is open daily 7:30am- 7pm and is located at 325 Cambie Street in the Gastown area of Vancouver. You can also find them on twitter @revolver_coffee or online at

By: Richard Wolak

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