Fish & Chips: Untraditional Challenge

While I was doing my Traditional Fish & Chips quest, I had a curiosity about how the ethnic eateries around the city would prepare Fish & Chips in their style of cooking. I challenged several restaurants and their chefs to create a version in their ethnic style.

Note: These Fish & Chips dishes are not on the regular menu at most of these restaurants, hopefully they will feature this Fish & Chips dish on their menu as a special.

Here are the tasty results of my quest, in no particular order:

1)    Atithi Indian Cuisine


Style: Bengali

On the Plate: Catfish (2 large pieces) in batter with mustard and cilantro with fries, coleslaw topped with ketchup

On the regular menu: No

Chef: Roy Abishek

Location: Atithi Indian Cuisine, 2445 Burrard Street, Vancouver

TwItter: @eatindianatithi



2)    Hapa Umi

Hapa Umi

Style: Japanese

On the Plate:  Lager beer battered halibut, Crispy potato wedges, Shibazuke, Katso tartar

On the regular menu: Yes

Chefs: Tomoki Yamasaki and Ben Berwick

Location: Hapa Umi, 909 West Cordova Street, Vancouver

Twitter: @HapaUmi



3)    Provence Mediterranean Grill

Provence Mediterranean Grill


Style: French

On the Plate: Sablefish panko crusted deep fried, French fries and arugula

Served with: preserved lemon & Dijon beur blanc and Chive mayo

On the regular menu: No

Chef: Alessandra Quaglia

Location: Provence Mediterranean Grill, 4473 West Tenth Avenue, Vancouver

Twitter: @ProvenceVanCity



4)    Bob Likes Thai Food

Bob Likes Thai Food


Style: Northern Thai

On the Plate: Basa fish fried and mixed with tamarind, shallots, peanut,… on the side (as chips) rice marinated with curry paste, lime leaf and deep-fried.

On the regular menu: No

Chef: Tai Keattivanichvily

Location: Bob Likes Thai Food , 3755 Main Street, Vancouver

Twitter: @boblikethaifood



5)    Roaming Dragon

Roaming Dragon


Style: Asian

On the Plate: Tempura battered salmon, Togarashi-spiced fries, and tartar with pickled ginger, yuzu, cilantro + side o’ slaw.

On the regular menu: Yes

Chef: n/a

Location: Roaming Dragon, SE Corner of Burrard & Robson, Vancouver

Twitter: @dragontruck




6) NU Restaurant

NU Restaurant

Style: Modern Greek

On the Plate: Feta and tomato batter on cod with herbs and feta and shaved olive on top, Lemon potatoes that were deep fried, Tzataki with parsley oil and a Grilled lemon wedge.

On the regular menu: No

Chef: Jeremy Keighley

Location: NU Restaurant, 1661 Granville Street, Vancouver

Twitter: @nurestaurant



If you would like to order one or all of these Fish & Chip dishes contact each restaurant individually or tweet them to encourage the restaurants to add the dish to their menus.

By: Richard Wolak

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