The Vancouver Foodster Treasure Hunt #VF2YR

In order to win the Treasure Hunt, you must answer each and every question correctly (by following the Treasure Hunt details below), there will be 6 prizes awarded to the top 6 people who win in sequence (prize value is $100 per winner)

  1. Which restaurant have you most recently dined at in Vancouver and have a photo from your meal? Post that photo here and include your full name (your name must be identical as your name used to register your answers of the rest of the questions)
  2. Which new restaurant in Vancouver which is as close to fine dining, most talked about, has Richard Wolak not yet had a sit down meal?
  3. Name to Noteable Chef Interviews Richard Wolak did that he tweeted recently using the hash tag #VF2YR ?
  4. Which restaurant did Richard Wolak enjoy a Persian New Year menu this year?
  5. What radio station is Richard Wolak currently hosting his Radio Show on? (hint – sip ….)
  6. Which quest is Richard Wolak currently working on that he has constantly tweeted about over the past 3 weeks?
  7. Name the most recent event Richard Wolak has attended and written about at the Vancouver Aquarium?
  8. Which pastry chef did Richard Wolak recently interview that works at one of the Fairmont Hotels?
  9. Name the chef that is at the Oakwood who used to be the chef at Sanafir?
  10. Which Yaletown hotel restaurant has Richard Wolak not yet dined?
  11. Which restaurant has Richard Wolak’s favourite Neapolitan Style pizza? (hint they have donated one of the prizes for #VF2YR party)
  12. Name 3 restaurants in Richmond that Richard Wolak has reviewed? (hint they have each donated prizes for the #VF2YR party)
  13. Name the most recent food writer to dine with Richard Wolak at a downtown Vancouver restaurant which now has a Top Chef recipient? (hint it was in the review)


The Prizes (6 winners)

Sequoia Company of Restaurants

One $100 gift card

Can be used at any of their four of restaurant locations including Seasons in the Park, The Teahouse, Sandbar and Carderos

Winner: Linda Nguyen

The Oakwood

One dinner for two value of $100

Winner: Alex Ngu

Blue Canoe

One $100 Gift Card for dinner

Winner: Ngoc Lien Nguyen

Glowbal Group Restaurants

One $100 Gift Certificate to any Glowbal Group restaurant including Coast, Italian Kitchen, Trattoria, Glowbal Grill, Sanafir

Winner: Tkwan23

Cafe Il Nido

One Dinner for Two (Value $100)

Winner: NicoleJ

Q4 Ristorante or Q4 al Centro downtown

One $100 Gift Certificate

Winner: Stephanie Sorenson

The Treasure Hunt Details:

To enter you must do the following:

1)    Submit a detailed comment including your Full Name and answering each of the 13 questions correctly referencing each Number (there are hints and clues within each question)


Treasure Hunt ends Thursdsay July 28 at 10pm. Must be 19 or over to enter. Contest is open to Canadian residents and the winners will be awarded to the first 6 people who answer each question correctly. Good luck to everyone that enters!

Fine Print: You must enter your full name and include your Twitter address if you have one, and register with your email address when entering the contest. * By entering your email address you will automatically become a subscriber to Vancouver Foodster to receive possible contests, specials or newsletter.

This is Contest #3 to Celebrate the Vancouver Foodster 2 Year Anniversary today July 28th, to enter more contests as they are launched throughout the day to here

Winner awarded based on first people to get the answers 100% correct

Vancouver Foodster was founded by Richard Wolak who over the past 2 years has reviewed over 330 restaurants, cafes and food carts; and written 375 stories that includes interviews with bartenders, brewmasters, chefs, mixologists, restaurateurs, wine makers; and attended over 163 parties and events that includes restaurant openings and anniversaries, competitions, festivals, and tastings.

In addition to Vancouver Foodster you can find Richard Wolak and his other projects at  Taste and Sip Magazine, Swag People and Chat Media

And personally on Google+ and Twitter @richardwolak

Vancouver Foodster is @vanfoodster on twitter and on Facebook at or by email


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