Phillips Brewery Dinner in the Cellar

On Monday May 30th I attended the Phillips Brewery Dinner as part of The Salt Cellar series at Salt Tasting Room. Johnny from Phillips Brewery introduced the line-up.

The long communal table filled with about 40 guests along with an overflow table to accommodate another 10 guests  had the opportunity to discover the delicious brews that hail from Vancouver Island’s brewery as we paired the beer with artisanal cheeses and local charcuterie.

Round 1 Beer pairing


Round 1 –we tasted these 3 beers:

Phillips – Ginger Beer, Wheat King, Hefeweizen , Slipstream Cream Ale

Round 2 Beer pairing

Round 2 – we tasted these 3 beers:

Phillips – Blue Buck Ale, Hefeweizen, Belgian IPA, Longboat Chocolate Porter


My favourite pairings during this tasting dinner were the:

Phillips Brewery Slipstream Ale is paired well with the Cornish Yarg cheese and Quince Paste

Phillips Brewery Ginger Beer also well paired with Local Chevre and apples

Love Chocolate, love the Phillips Longboat Chocolate Porter paired with St Agur cheese and Fig & Walnut Bread

Phillips Brewery can be found online at

Salt Tasting Room is in Blood Alley, Gastown  or online at

By: Richard Wolak

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