Spring Menu Tasting at Market

I was into Market at the Shangri-la Hotel to taste their Spring Menu last week, Chef Wayne Harris presented us with a 6 course menu of some of their new dishes.

Salmon Sashimi

First Course was the Salmon Sashimi with green chilli, pistachio and mint

Blue Fin Tuna Sushi

Second Course was the Ranched Blue Fin Tuna Sushi with crispy rice, spring onion and chipotle

Spring Pea Soup

Third Course was the Spring Pea Soup with parmesan

Crunchy Roasted Halibut

Fourth Course was the Crunchy Roasted Halibut with glazed mushroom, chilli and mint

Hanger Steak

Fifth Course was the Hanger Steak with broccoli, chilli and garlic

Marzipan Layer Cake

Raspberry Charlotte Sundae

Sixth Course was the Marzipan Layer Cake with mixed glazed berries, and sour cherry sorbet and the Raspberry Charlotte Sundae

I loved the colourful green and pink theme of the spring menu that Chef Jean-Georges has created for Market Vancouver, my favourite dishes were the Ranched Blue Fin Tuna Sushi, Spring Pea Soup, Roasted Halibut and the most delicious Marzipan Layer Cake.

See the full menus here.

By: Richard Wolak

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