Espana Lunch at Vancouver Playhouse Wine Fest

As a part of the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival, on April 2nd I attended the Espana grazing Lunch celebrating the wines of Spain. The event was held at the Vancouver Convention Centre and their chefs created a wonderful lunch of foods representative of Spain.

Spanish potato and onion omelette

From the savouries, my favourites were the Asparagus and sautéed wild mushroom in vinaigrette, Spanish potato and onion omelette, garlic roasted leg of lamb, and ried fish with peppers.


Winemaker from Osborne

Featured wine producers from all over Spain showing off their wines for people to taste.

Drunken Cinnamon Cake

Orange flan with caramel sauce

From the sweets, my favourites were the Drunken cinnamon cake, orange flan with caramel sauce and the chocolate truffles.

Everyone had a great time tasting the dishes and wine and listening to the festive music.

By: Richard Wolak

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