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Advice: Complimentary valet parking available, offers a 5, 7, and 9 tasting menu. Located inside The Westin Wall Centre Vancouver Airport Hotel.

Amuse Niche Garden

The room was modern and colourful which was a node to the journey of culinary delights we were about to enjoy. Executive Chef Hamid Salimian is a master of creation, I am sure he once was a painter as all of his dishes are representative of beautiful works of art on a plate. My friend Denis and I were enchanted when each of the twelve dishes arrived to our table, it was a wonderful dining and tasting experience. We started off with the Amuse Niche Garden where the presentation alone was stunning.

North Arm Farm Sunchoke Soup

Side Stripe Prawn

Locally grown pickled winter vegetables

Puffed Quebec fois GRAS

Brioche for the Puffed Quebec fois GRAS

Pan Roasted Scallops

Atlantic Lobster Globe

Next was the North Arm Farm Sunchoke Soup ($9) followed by the Side Stripe Prawn ($16) dungeness crab croquettes, next was the Locally grown pickled winter vegetables ($16) pickled winter vegetables beets, black pudding, pine mushroom veal marrow, almond vinaigrette. As the evening progressed I felt as if we were in the National Art Gallery roving the various rooms, the next dish was the Puffed Quebec fois GRAS ($16) house preserved cherries, candied walnut, beets sherry gastrique followed by the delicious Pan Roasted Scallops $16 spiced basmati rice, shaved pineapple, cilantro coconut curry froth and then the Atlantic Lobster Globe ($17) truffle scented potato gnocchi, king oyster mushroom shellfish emulsion.

Pacific Provider Salmon

Duck Confit in a Pomegranite Walnut Sauce

Lamb Duo

At this point our palates were dancing, the next dish was the first of the entrees, the Pacific Provider Salmon ($25) provencal tart, sun choke, basil, braised fennel split coriander vinaigrette. Followed by my favourite dish of the night the Duck Confit in a Pomegranite Walnut Sauce ($17) outstanding spiced duck confit pomegranate, walnut, orange, kale along with the Lamb Duo ($17) braised lamb israel couscous, red bean puree, grilled scallions dry lime parsley foam. We both knew that dessert would be nothing less than extrodinary as it would be the final act in what had been an amazing picturesque meal.

Shattered Baklava with pistachio ice cream

The Apron Chocolate Bar

For dessert we had the Shattered Baklava with pistachio ice cream ($10) broken down baklava saffron pistachio ice cream, cardamom dates, rosewater honey and The Apron Chocolate Bar ($10)  salted caramel ice cream, almond crumble, coco crisp.

The chefs use as much regional and local ingredients as they can source as they strive to create each of their dishes! If you want to experience innovative, creative local cuisine a visit to The Apron is a must and I for one am looking forward to return visit to continuing this culinary journey.

Review By: Richard Wolak

Richmond, BC V6X 3A3, Canada

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