Interview with Marcelo Romero

Restaurateur | Vancouver

You grew up in Mexico, did you work in the restaurant industry there? In what capacity?

Yes I grew up in Gguadalajara in Mexico, at 17 years old I worked for my families restaurant and hotel business. I worked many different jobs all over the place from the dining area to the office. All of my families restaurants are Italian.

What brought you to Vancouver?

I just came to spend the summer with my friends, and well I am still here, it was 4 years ago when I was 21.

What is your background in the restaurant industry in Vancouver?

With pure luck and meeting someone one day, I ended up taking a job at Go Fish, from their I made friends with Andreas and we then opened Les Faux Borgouis together, I then sold my share of Les Faux Borgouis and opened La Taqueria.

What is about La Taqueria that makes the product you serve so special?

It is a real taco shop, authentic, the value of the product, organic when available, free range meats and sustainable fish.

Describe your role at La Taqueria?

Owner and Manager and I do and oversee everything, from the staff to food sourcing and working with the chefs.

What are the most challenging elements of running restaurants?

Being honest with the customers and the products we are selling, personalized service. You must care about the customers, we try to always smile, keep the food consistent high quality.

What do you like to do in your off time outside of business?

Walk around the city, read, hang out with friends, skiing, art and design.

What do you like to eat when eating outside of your own restaurants?

Sushi, Charcuterie, Cheese

What are your Favourite restaurants outside of your own?

La Quercia, Chamber and L’Abbotoir

What is your favourite cuisine?

Mexican and French

What foods do you look forward to eating when you visit your family in Mexico?

1)    Puerquitos (meatball made with half pork and half beef) in a chipotle soup.

2)    Tacos (I go to the taco shops that I went to when I was a kid growing up, they remember me and what I like)

What is on the horizon for you and your restaurants in the near future?

In 2011 I plan to open the 2nd location of La Taqueria and hopefully if everything goes well another one soon.

By: Richard Wolak

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