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A group of my friends joined me for dinner where our Filipino friend Jay lead us on a tasting journey. We ordered a selection of dishes for 6 of us to share, at the table was Jay, Minna, Ajay, Jonathan, Emmy and me.

Lumpia Shanghai

Garlic Rice

Steamed Rice


Inihan Wa Baboy

Chicken Adobo

Sinagong Soup with Milkfish


Sitan at Kalabasa Sa Gata

Dish after dish arrived to our table, we started off with the Lumpia Shanghai ($4.95) finger sized spring rolls (Appetizers), then the Binaboongan ($8.50) pork with eggplant simmered in shrimp paste, followed by a couple of rice dishes including a large Garlic Rice ($4.75) and Steamed Rice ($2.50), next was the Inihan Wa Baboy ($8.50) grilled pork, then the Chicken Adobo ($8.95) with rice and soup, next dish was the Sinagong Soup with Milkfish ($11.50) a Tamarind flavoured soup, then the Bopis ($7.95) lungs and heart in brown sauce and the delicious Sitan at Kalabasa Sa Gata ($8.95) squash and string beans in coconut milk. Of all the dishes that we tried my absolute favourite was the Squash and string beans in coconut milk and the Garlic rice.

Leche Flan


Sago Gulaman

Dessert was a must to end this tasting meal, I ended up sharing 2 desserts with Ajay and we both loved the Leche Flan ($3.95) caramel custard, the other dessert was the Halo-Halo ($5.95) a somewhat confusing tasty mixture of ice, red beans, purple yam, coconut, ice cream and shaved ice that you had to smoosh to eat. Minna had the Sago Gulaman ($3.25) a dessert drink that was made with tapioca and cassava pearl in sugar syrup which was like a Filipino bubble tea.

Going with a group of friends is a great way to taste a wide variety of dishes!

Review by: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V5W, Canada

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