Interview with Chef Marta Pan

Chef |Pan-o-Pan Fine Foods & Catering | Vancouver

I interviewed Marta on site at one of her recent events that she was catering, the dessert photos shown in this interview were the tasty treats that I had the pleasure of tasting during the evening that I visited Chef Marta and Co.

What is your role at Pan-o-Pan? Please describe in detail.

I am the chef and owner of Pan-o-Pan Fine Foods Inc.

Where did you do your training to become a Chef?

I graduated in 1994 from Dubrulle French Culinary Institute

I understand that your background is an artist, please enlighten us on what you have done in the art world in the past and the present.

Graduated from both Capilano College Fine Arts Program and Emily Carr Institute of Art And Design, Majoring in painting. I have had shows throughout Canada and in Italy.

Lemon Marscarpone Cream with gold goose berries

What are your favourite three desserts that you make?

Definitely the dark chocolate chilly truffle lollypops, Caramelized apple pecan and grappa soaked raisins in puff pastry

Bundles, and Lemon mascarpone cream with gold gilded gooseberry on puff pastry flowers.

What cities do you like for culinary travel?

I have fond memories of traveling through the Veneto region in Italy Simple and Fantastic at the same time!

Tiramisu Profiteroles

I love your Gold Spice Chocolate Truffle Pops, tell me what inspired you to create this?

The Aztecs I believe were the first to combine spice and chocolate Painting it with gold only made sense to me.

What is the fanciest dessert you have ever made? Please describe in detail.

I once made a 5 tear Flouerless dark chocolate chilly torte for a wedding. It was decorated with chocolate ganache gold gilded gooseberries and painted by hand with copper and bronze dust I remember it took a very long time………

What do you most love about being a chef?

Being able to be creative with all the senses

Coconut Macaroons

If you weren’t a chef what do you think you’d be doing?

Painting like a mad woman…..

What tips would you offer young chefs just getting started?

Learn as many techniques as possible and cook as much as you can in all different kinds of situations

What are your top 3 favourite restaurants in Vancouver?




What do you consider to be the five must have ingredients in your kitchen?

A really good extra virgin olive oil

Sea salt of some form

Parmesan cheese



By: Richard Wolak

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