Las Margaritas Don Julio Pairing Dinner

On December 7th I attended this tasting dinner pairing Don Julio Tequila with a menu prepared by popular Mexican eatery Las Margaritas in Kitsilano.

Cider House Rules

Mini Toastas Con Frijoles

As people were seated they were served the Cider House Rules Cocktail made with the Blanco Tequila along with Mini Toastas Con Frijoles.

Don Julio’s representative was on hand to introduce each of the Tequilas and he provided sipping notes which were quite helpful for most of the diners.

Scallop Ceviche

First Course: Scallop Ceviche served with flour tortilla chips paired with the Don Julio Blanco.

Chicken Mole

Second Course: Chicken Mole served with white rice and frijoles paired with the Don Julio Reposado.

Crapas Con Cajeta

Third Course: Crapas Con Cajeta crapes with Mexican Caramel sauce paired with the Don Julio Anejo

To end the meal, we were served a taster of the Don Julio 1942.

It is difficult to pair Tequilla with a meal, my favourite dish was the Chicken Mole and that one seemed to be paired the best of all. For most of the guests being able to enjoy the Don Julio Tequilla was a real treat.

By: Richard Wolak

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