Breakfast at Rocky Mtn Flatbread

Suzanne Fielden -Co-Owner Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co

Do you love eating pizza for breakfast ? Now you don`t have to feel guilty, you can start your day right with a selection of breakfast pizzas topped with scrambled eggs, steak, wild boar bacon, chocolate and bananas.

Executive Chef Oliver Zulauf - Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co

Rocky Mountain Flatbread co is a progressively minded pizzeria featuring all-natural, handcrafted cuisine, an idea was born recently when they had a thought of making scrambled eggs for breakfast, and since they are a pizzeria why not top the pizzas with scrambled eggs, wild boar bacon, steak or shrimp, heck they ended up going the full gamut and besides pizzas they are making omelettes, yukon gold potatoes, fruit, granola, muffins and fresh squeezed juices too!

I was in for breakfast recently and tasted a slew of great pizzas, omelets, potatoes, muffins and fresh juice! Here are a few selections of their tasty breakfast treats:

Rocky Mountain Flatbread is now open for breakfast during the weekdays beginning at 8:15am and 9am on weekends. They are located in Kitsilano at 1876 West 1st Avenue and online at

By: Richard Wolak

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