Thai Cooking Classes at Urban Thai Bistro

With many cooking classes taking place around the city, I wondered what the differences were between each of them, and what made each standout. Some classes include copies of the chefs cookbooks, author signings, have celebrity chefs, or are fundraisers for non profit groups. I decided to set out on my own adventure and partake in some classes around the city.

Here is the third of many classes that I will be taking. Urban Thai Bistro is a restaurant located in Vancouver.


Participants and the Chefs

On July 17th, I was invited to participate in a Thai cooking class, all I knew was that it was going to be a hands on experience. This new series of Thai cooking classes is being offered by Urban Thai Bistro in Yaletown to celebrate their 10th year of their restaurant. The idea is brilliant, and I truly hope anyone in the city who loves Thai food will partake in one or all of their classes.

I have been particpating in a series of cooking classes during the past few months and this was one of the most unique I have done thus far. There were 6 of us in the class with 2 chefs so that ratio is very good. At the beginning we all sat at a round table and were provided with a very well organized booklet that described the cooking class, the menu for the days class, a dictionary of Thai herbs along with the recipes of the dishes we were about to create. We were each presented with a fancy apron which we were to keep after the class to use in our own kitchens.



Kaeng Kari – Thai Yellow Curry with Chicken

Each of us assembled at our own cooking stations, all the ingredients were pre-measured and set out in front of us making this step easy for all of us. I began to follow the chefs instructions for the 1st dish and cooked up a storm and voila my Kaeng Kari – Thai Yellow Curry with Chicken was finished.

Making the Soup

Tom Yum Goong Soup

On to the 2nd dish and to cooking the Tom Yum Goong Soup adding a dash of this and a dash of that to make it sweeter or saltier of course depending on each of our individual tastes.

Frying the Spring Roll Stuffing

Separating the Rice Paper Wrappers

Rolling the Spring Rolls

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

On to the 3rd dish, making the Vegetarian Spring Rolls I had to make the stuffing first by frying up the rice noodles, vegetables and spices. I then separated the rice wrappers and filled each with the mixture and then rolled each spring roll carefully, I had quite a knack for this process having had made many cheese blintzes years ago.

Som Tum – Papaya Salad

On to the 4th dish and the last dish of this Thai meal the Som Tum – Papaya Salad. In a huge clay pot bowl, I smashed garlic and red chilli paste along with peanuts and other ingredients.

After we all finished cooking our dishes we regrouped and ate our way through each of the wonderful dishes. This was my first time cooking a home cooked, well almost home cooked Thai meal. Personally I hope you all take one or more of these cooking classes offered by Urban Thai Bistro. The classes are being offered every Saturday morning at 10:30am throughout the Summer, make sure you reserve in advance.

Ticket prices range for the classes. For tickets and info call 604-408-7788, Urban Thai Bistro is located at 1119 Hamilton Street in Yaletown.

By: Richard Wolak

Photo Credit: Noam Dehan

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